Who We Are
The Chalk Mountain Wildlife Management Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
corporation. The Corporation is organized and operated for the support of wildlife
conservation, the preservation and improvement of wildlife habitat, and education
regarding wildlife, wildlife habitat and related environmental matters. Membership
is concentrated but not limited to landowners in Somervell, Erath, Bosque and
Hood counties.  Any interested landowner may join.
Our Interests
Meetings are held throughout the year where
programs are presented by recognized experts in
their fields and cover all sorts of topics related to
rural land ownership and management.  Some
habitat and environmental issues of special
interest to the association include cedar
encroachment, soil erosion, water contamination,
pollution (including light and noise pollution)
habitat fragmentation, native species improvement
and education of the public (especially new
landowners) as to why these issues are important
to the well-being of nature and the natural balances
of the habitat.  
To date some of our completed projects include restoration of 28 acres of Golden-
cheeked Warbler habitat, restoration of 710 acres of oak shinnery and other shrubby
woody plants so as to create suitable conditions for colonization by Black-capped
Vireos, and restoration of 1,151 acres of savanna/native grasslands.  
The association has worked for and received an area-wide Wildlife Management
Plan which has been distributed to its members.  This plan covers white-tailed deer
and all other wildlife.  This management plan allows any CMWMA member to receive
a Managed Lands Deer Permit without regard to the normal 1,000 acre minimum
ranch size by pooling our Members’ acreages so that small landowners will be able
to achieve the same benefits as larger operations.  
In 2004 we participated in a native prairie seed harvesting and distribution program.  
Several members offered their properties for harvesting.  Half of the seed went to the
LBJ highway right-of-way seeding program and the other half went to interested
landowners who needed seed.  Part of the seed was utilized by Fossil Rim Wildlife
Center in their Attwater’s Prairie-Chicken program so that the birds would be
acclimated to native plant species before being reintroduced into the wild.
These are just a few examples of what we are doing for the community.  We are very
fortunate to have dedicated members who volunteer their time for these projects.
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Chalk Mountain Wildlife Management Association
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uss Miller
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ordan Moore
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